Gutster 48” Oval Handle Demolition Bar – Ceiling/Wall Demo Bar

Gutster Tools


  • Slightly lighter head than the 48” Round
  • Oval tube instead of round handle
  • Angle of head is slightly increased for overhead work
  • Lighter overall bar weight for long duration jobs

Want to make demolition easier, safer, and faster? Check out the 48" Gutster Demo Bar.

  • This 48 inch Gutster Demo Bar is perfect for restoration projects.
  • General contractors will find a variety of demo uses for this demolition bar.
  • This 48 inch pry bar can be used on tile demolition.
  • The Gutster Demo Bar can be used for fire and rescue.
  • Our demolition bar is perfect for Do-It-Yourself projects.

Are you looking for a superior 48 inch pry bar for you next renovation or demolition project? Check out the Gutster Demo Bar. Our unique design allows for an easier, faster, and safer demolition process. The carefully crafted design allows for maximum leverage and creates a faster demolition or renovation project. 

This demolition bar is most popular with trades who use the bar above the floor (wall, ceiling, cabinet demo). Purchase your Gutster Demo Bar today!


  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Length: 48 inches
  • Cast Head
  • Oval Tube Handle


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