Gutster Demo Bar

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Get Home Early. Bring a Gutster Demo bar to work today.

Gutster Demo bar are versatile tools that you can use in any type of Demolition job like drywall demolition, removing Battens off a Roof, removing Nails or Screws Quickly and Safely, demolish tile floor and a lot more.

About Us

Our story is a simple one, and in a way one we can draw a lot of parallels to. So many great inventions are born using the same ingredients. 

 A ​need​.

An ​inventive​ mind.

The ​passion​ to pursue.

An ​obsession​ with quality.

A ​unique​ patented result. 

The Gutster Demo Bar is the result of a contractor who had been in the business for 30 years, working with his hands every day. While demolition was often just a small segment of a job, it could often be the most time consuming and back breaking. The crow bar was originally invented to fix wagon wheels and the first documented use was in France in 1748. The design had not changed since then, and there had to be a better way.  

It began with a concept tool. Constant updates ensued, and all were the result of on the job use. Nothing was dreamed up on a  drafting board - the Gutster was fully developed in the field. After years of perfecting, the Gutster Demo bar was born, patented and brought to market.  

We take a lot of pride in what we invented, and the good news is we have not stopped. More new demo tools are on their way!