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Get ready to revolutionize your demolition game. Demolition Bars by Gutster Tools are the epitome of power and precision.

Gutster 60" Round Handle Demolition Bar - Ultimate Flooring/Hardwood Removal Tool:

Say goodbye to strenuous demolition work with our 60" Ultimate Flooring/Hardwood Removal Tool. This versatile Gutster Demo Bar is perfect for various projects, including flooring, deck board, and roof sheathing removal. Its unique design allows you to maintain an almost vertical stance, reducing back strain and speeding up the demolition process. With additional weight for added momentum, it's especially effective for hardwood flooring removal. Crafted with high-quality materials, this demo tool can handle the toughest demolition jobs. It features a convenient nail puller at the back of the head, eliminating the need for bending over. Plus, the built-in wheels make it easy to roll across the floor, even doubling as a hand truck. Key specifications include a weight of 10.5 pounds, a length of 60 inches, a cast head with wheels, and a round handle. Upgrade your demolition game with the Gutster Demo Bar today. Here are some services or tasks that can be performed using this tool:

Gutster 60 Round Handle
Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Hardwood Flooring Removal:
It is particularly effective for removing hardwood flooring, including nailed or glued-down planks.

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Tile and Ceramic Flooring Removal:
The demolition bar can help pry up and remove tile or ceramic flooring, including mortar and adhesive.

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Carpet and Underlayment Removal:
It can assist in lifting and removing carpet and the underlying padding or underlayment.

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Vinyl Flooring Removal:
The tool is suitable for removing vinyl flooring, including sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles.