Revolutionize Demolition with Gutster Tools in St. Petersburg, FL

Gutster Tools is the name that professionals trust for their most demanding tasks. Our tools are built to withstand the harshest conditions and deliver exceptional results every time. Join the league of experts who choose Gutster for top-tier performance. We offer a 30” Handle, 48” Round Handle, 48” Oval Handle, or 60” Handle Demolition Bar.

48” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

The 48" Oval Handle Demolition Bar redefines the standards of strength, precision, and comfort in the world of construction and demolition tools. With its impressive 48-inch length, this demolition bar offers an extended reach and exceptional leverage, making it an indispensable asset for professionals in these demanding industries. Whether it's prying apart structures, pulling stubborn fixtures, or breaking through formidable materials, the oval-shaped handle ensures optimal grip and control, even during prolonged use.


What sets this demolition bar apart is its carefully designed oval handle. This ergonomic feature provides an ideal balance of strength and comfort, significantly reducing hand fatigue while increasing overall work efficiency. It's a testament to the tool's user-centric design, acknowledging the importance of both power and operator well-being.

  • Crafted from robust materials and impeccable engineering, the 48" Oval Handle Demolition Bar is built to withstand the rigors of construction sites, offering long-lasting durability and reliable performance. Professionals can trust that this tool will deliver time and time again, enabling them to tackle their toughest tasks with confidence.
  • In the world of construction and demolition, precision and resilience are paramount. The 48" Oval Handle Demolition Bar exemplifies these qualities, providing a tool that empowers professionals to take on the most challenging projects while maintaining control, comfort, and efficiency. It's not just a demolition bar; it's a symbol of excellence in the industry.