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RETURN POLICY: You can return any unused bar within 30 days for a full refund (customer pays to return ship). Contact the following email if you have questions or would like to set up a return: sales@gutstertools.com


This guarantee refers solely to the welds between the head and holder portion, and is good for 6 months after purchase.

If the welds that hold the tool parts together breaks, email sales@gutstertools.com  with a picture and copy of your receipt.

You will be contacted within 1 business day to confirm the details, and a replacement tool will be sent to you.

Details About the Construction of Gutster Demo Bars and Why We Only Guarantee Welds

  1. Our tools have a highly customized design to provide the user with maximum effectiveness. Our tools have pierce points, a forked design, and lift blades, all in a lighter-weight design. These are often found in small tools such as hammer or handy bar. But in contrast, on the Gutster, they are located at the end of a 30”, 48" or 60" steel pole. So, if the sole goal was to build a product with a lifetime warranty, we could remove the pierce points and nail pullers, and make the handle solid steel and a lot shorter. The result would be a tool that did not speed up your work and weighed about 25lbs.
  2. These bars have been in service for 15 years without a design change, and our manufacturing follows a strict process that keeps steel composition, heat treating, and weld patterns the same. This tool has been tried and tested - and has shown it can stand up to the job it’s given!
  3. This strength of the tool is more than sufficient for 99.5% of the applications they are designed for - and we rely on the consumers common sense to "feel" when it is flexing to its limits. At this point the user should know not to push the bar any further and damage the product.
  4. We have hundreds of loyal customers who have used this tool correctly for years, and the originals are still in service today. We are 100% sure we have an extremely durable product when used with its original design in mind. On the negative side and with great hesitance to mention, we have investigated claims and found instances where a 325lb demo contractor put the tip of a pierce point in a crevice and put all his force onto the end of a 60" bar - resulting in a broken tip. Honestly the result would have been the same if tool was made of titanium and cost $1000. Gutster Demo Bars are extremely durable, but user discretion is still required.

A similar way to look at this would be to consider a pair of shoes. Shoes could be designed in a way so they would never wear out. However, the shoes would be exorbitant in cost, as heavy as lead, and not allow the user to run or jump. We at Gutster realize the value of this tool comes from its ability to save you time and energy on the job - 2 of the most precious resources we have! It is also a safer way of doing demolition as it prevents back injuries by allowing the user to maintain a vertical stance.

We feel this tool if used correctly will result in huge savings in cost, time, and effort!