Innovate with Gutster Bars in Portland, OR

Our Demolition Bar Lineup:


Trust in Gutster Tools to enhance your restoration company's productivity and effectiveness on the job site. Our meticulously engineered tools are carefully designed to meet the demands of even the toughest construction, DIY, and demolition tasks, providing you with the reliability and power you need.


30” Handle Demolition Bar: Perfect for getting into tight spaces and providing excellent control. Don't let confined areas hold you back; this bar will help you get the job done.


48” Round Handle Demolition Bar: A versatile choice that strikes a balance between maneuverability and leverage. Ideal for a wide range of demolition tasks.


48” Oval Handle Demolition Bar: Offering enhanced grip and comfort, this bar is perfect for those who require precision and power in one tool.


60” Handle Demolition Bar: The ultimate demolition powerhouse. With an extended reach, it's perfect for those heavy-duty projects where leverage and force are paramount.