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Gutster Tools is your partner in construction excellence, whether it's a DIY project or a restoration company. Our innovative flooring tools help you achieve flawless results, whether you're installing new flooring or remodeling existing spaces. From tile and carpet to hardwood and vinyl, our tools ensure precision and quality craftsmanship.

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At Gutster Tools, we understand that the right tools make all the difference in your projects. That's why we're proud to offer a selection of demolition bars to suit your specific needs:


30” Handle Demolition Bars: Compact and powerful, these bars are perfect for tight spaces and smaller tasks. The 30" handle provides excellent control while delivering the leverage you require.


48” Round Handle Demolition Bars: Our classic round handle bars offer a balance of strength and versatility. Ideal for a wide range of demolition jobs, these bars provide a comfortable grip and ease of use.


48” Oval Handle Demolition Bars: Featuring an ergonomic oval handle, these bars are engineered for efficiency and precision. The shape of the handle ensures a secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended work.


60” Handle Demolition Bars: For those heavy-duty projects, our 60" handlebars are your go-to solution. These bars offer maximum leverage and strength, making light work of even the most challenging demolition tasks.