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No matter the size or complexity of your demolition project, Gutster Tools has the right demolition bar for your DIY project or restoration company. Explore our selection and experience the Gutster difference today. Choose the power, precision, and performance that only Gutster Tools can provide.

Our Demolition Bars:


30" Handle Demolition Bar: Our 30" Handle Demolition Bar is a compact yet powerful choice for precision work. It's perfect for smaller spaces and projects that require finesse and control. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this bar is an essential addition to your toolkit.


48” Round Handle Demolition Bar: The 48" Round Handle Demolition Bar offers a balanced and comfortable grip. Its versatility makes it a go-to tool for a wide range of demolition tasks. From breaking up concrete to tearing down walls, this bar gets the job done efficiently.


48” Oval Handle Demolition Bar: Engineered with an oval handle for enhanced grip and control, our 48" Oval Handle Demolition Bar is designed for professionals who demand precision. This bar excels in both residential and commercial demolition projects.


60” Handle Demolition Bar: When you need that extra reach and leverage, our 60" Handle Demolition Bar is the tool for the job. Its extended length allows you to tackle high walls and reach those challenging spots with ease. Ideal for the most demanding demolition projects.