Dominating Demolition Solutions in Bloomfield, NJ

Gutster Bloomfield, NJ

When it comes to demolishing with finesse, Gutster Tools leads the way. Explore our Demolition Bar, your essential tool for precision destruction in Bloomfield, NJ.

Gutster 48” Round Handle Demolition Bar–Versatile Wrecking Tool:

The Gutster 48” Round Handle Demolition Bar, known as the Versatile Wrecking Tool, is a game-changer for demolition projects. It's a 48-inch pry bar designed for restoration, general contractor work, tile demolition, and even fire and rescue applications. Whether you're a pro or a DIY enthusiast, this tool simplifies and speeds up your demolition or renovation tasks. It offers maximum leverage and safety, making it a favorite among tradespeople. Key features include an 8.5 lbs weight, a 48-inch length, a cast head, and a tubular handle. Get your Gutster Versatile Wrecking Tool for your next project today. Here are some services or tasks that can be performed using this versatile wrecking tool:

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Utility Work:
It can help access and open utility boxes, remove utility poles, and perform other tasks related to utilities in larger settings.

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Foundation Work:
In some cases, it can be used to assist with foundation work, such as breaking apart old concrete footings or removing concrete slabs.

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Industrial and Commercial Demolition:
This tool is well-suited for demolition in industrial and commercial settings, where larger structures and heavier materials are common.

Gutster 30” Oval Handle Demolition Bar

Bridge and Infrastructure Demolition:
In large-scale construction and demolition projects involving bridges, highways, or other infrastructure, the demolition bar can be a valuable tool.