If you are looking for a unique demo bar that is capable of handling any job, check out the Gutster Tool. This one-of-a-kind demo tool is easier to use than traditional pry bars. Our demo tool was designed to help make demolition projects simpler, faster, and to put less strain on your body. The Gutster Demo Bar is created to straddle the stud, joist, or beam, which allows the fulcrum point used for prying to be a stable position with maximum leverage.

Due to the unique angle of the head of our demo bar, you can maintain a vertical posture even when removing flooring. This is far better for your back during long projects, and gives you the ultimate leverage for your demolition project. With spear points on the head of this demo tool, you can even pierce drywall for efficient removal. Our demo tool also has additional weight to help create greater momentum when you are removing tough to demo flooring.


What type of demo do you do?

Interested in seeing our demo tool in action? Check out the video below to see our product in action. We know you won’t believe how much easier your demo projects can be. See just how exceptional of a demo bar the Gutster Tool really is.


If you have been looking for the best pry bars for sale, your search is over. Our demo bar is superior to any other demo tool on the market. If you purchase our 60” demo bar, you will also enjoy the wheels it features that allow you to roll the bar across the floor. These handy wheels mean less lifting for you. Not only do these wheels make the demo bar easy to move around your job site, they allow you to use this durable demo tool as a hand truck as well. Due to the efficiency and ease of use, the Gutster Tool is the demo bar of choice for professionals performing many tasks, including:

  • Restoration
  • Tile Tear-Out
  • Fire/rescue
  • DIY
  • Flooring Demolition
  • Roofing Tear-Off
  • Decking Demolition
  • Plaster Ceiling Demolition
  • And more!

Our unique demo bar will not only help you tear apart tough materials, it features a nail puller at the back of the head for easy nail removal without the need for bending over. You can clean up the floor of your job site as you go.

Durability You Can Count On

Not only is our demo bar uniquely designed, it is created with extremely durable materials. You can count on this demo tool to withstand heavy amounts of use. Due to its extreme durability, our demo bar is the perfect choice for those who perform demolition tasks on a daily basis. Are you a roofer, remodeler, or other contractor? Get your hands on a Gutster Tool today. We know once you try out this exceptional demo bar, you will want one for every member of your crew. Reduce the likelihood of back injuries and improve the efficiency of your crew with our premier demo tool. Rip, gut, tear, and demo anything.