What makes Gutster different?


LESS EFFORT, BETTER RESULTS! Maximizes the energy you put in so you get the results you need with less effort.

We understand that the best tools not only produce great results fast, but help you get the job done without wasted energy.  Our demo bars channel and maximize your effort, the result being the force going where it needs to, and getting the job done without any wasted energy.


PROTECTS YOUR BACK! The Gutster Bar allows you to maintain an upright posture while working.

No more bending over or kneeling on the floor – the Gutster allows you to stand upright while working. Our bars even have a nail puller built right in so there’s no more stopping, grabbing a new tool, and bending down to pull up nails. This saves time as well as your back!


VERSATILITY! One tool, multiple jobs!


No more wasting time hunting for another tool to finish a job – the Gutster can rip, gut, and pry, as well as pull up nails. 


GREAT LEVERAGE! The Gutster Bar allows you to straddle the beam, stud or joist.


The bulk of a demo project normally involves ripping flooring, drywall, cement board, sheathing, etc. off studs, beams and joists. This is an awkward and difficult task when using a standard pry bar and trying to position the bar in a way that maximizes leverage. The Gutster, however, channels all your energy exactly where you want it to go - providing a balanced fulcrum at the point where the material is attached to the stud. As you ratchet the bar up and down, all your power is directed exactly where you want it to go - maximizing your results!



Using other pry bars can be dangerous. A crowbar that slips off a stud, or a user that loses footing while walking on a joist are just a few of dangers inherent in the use of a standard pry bar. However, the Gutster Bar improves safety by allowing the user to maintain an upright posture, while the fork provides balance while prying. Our tool makes the entire demo operation a safer one. And you cannot put a price on safety!