What makes the Gutster Demo Bar unique?

  • The Gutster Demo Bar straddles the stud/joist/beam, making the fulcrum point used for prying a stable position with maximum leverage.
  • The angle of the head of the heavy duty pry bar allows you to maintain a vertical posture while removing flooring/sub-floor/sheathing – rather than spending the entire time on your job bent over.
  • The head has spear shaped points to get under hardwood. This demolition equipment also works great for piercing drywall!
  • Nail puller at the back of the head allows you to remove nails without having to bend over and risk back injury or a slip and fall. Clean the floor as you go!
  • Wheels on the 60”. This allows you to roll the bar on the floor rather than having to lift it every time. Also doubles as a hand truck for you!

Simply put – the Gutster Demo Bar will allow you to do more demo, in a shorter amount of time, while allowing you to maintain a better posture (which conserves your energy and improves safety). The net result is you are safer and get to experience less fatigue and more money!