Let us tell you how this bar will benefit you and your team

Maintain Vertical Posture

Capturing Momentum

If the tool does not properly capture the force you put behind it, a lot of your hard work can go to waste. Not with the Gutster Tools. Perfectly angled to maximize momentum, the bar transfers 100% of your effort exactly where you want it to go. Increase your effort to work complete ratio.

Maintain Vertical Posture

One of the most irritating pains after a construction project is back pain. When you realize at the end of the day you have spent the entire time hunched over using the old claw bar and hammer- the Gutster Tools is a welcome relief. Work your day standing up, and allow your back to operate as it should. We even included a nail puller to allow you to remove the old nails without bending over!

What does Versatile Demo Tool Mean To You?

What does “ Versatile Demo Tool “ mean to you?

Having a Gutster Demo Bar means you have a tool that accomplishes a multitude of different tasks.
Gone are the days of putting down your tool, and hunting around the jobsite or going out to the truck for another tool to finish your work. The less time you are doing that, the more time you are working, and the more money you are making.

Demolition Made Easy
Stability and Safety


Use of the old pry bar can be dangerous. Construction scenes often result in unbalanced footing while work needs to be done. Using the angle to allow the user to maintain a positive posture, and the fork to provide balance while prying - the tool makes the entire demo operation a safer one. A crowbar that slips of a stud, or a user that loses footing while walking on a joist - are dangerous side effects of not using the right tool.

Straddles the Beam/Stud/Joist

The bulk of a demo project normally involves ripping flooring, drywall, cement board, sheathing, etc off of studs, beams and joists. This is an awkward and difficult task using a standard pry bar. Trying to position the bar in a way to maximize leverage is difficult. The Gutster channels all your energy exactly where you want it to go - providing a balanced fulcrum at the point where the sheet is attached to the stud. As you ratchet the bar up and down, all your power is directed exactly where you want it to be - maximizing your results!

Straddles the beam, Stud and Joist