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Safety Tips For Demo Projects

Whether you are a contractor who handles demolition on a daily basis, or you are a homeowner looking to remodel part of your living space, demolition should always incorporate the highest standards of safety. One of the reasons we designed our unique demo bar, the Gutster demo bar, is because we wanted to improve the safety and efficiency of demolition projects for homeowners and contractors alike. Once you get your hands on one of our demo bars, we know you’ll understand the difference in design. If you have a demo project coming up, check out our top safety tips for ensuring you and those around you are not injured on the job. Invest In Protective Gear If you are a...

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Welcome To The Gutster Demo Bar Blog

When it comes to demolition projects, every tool you utilize needs to be durable, useful, and contribute to the efficiency of your work. Whether you are a home DIYer looking to remodel that unused spare bedroom into a useful office, or if you are a contractor who performs demolition work on a daily basis, our wrecker bar is the best around for any demo project. We are proud of the unique design we created and the high-quality materials with which we craft each demo bar. Our bar is tough enough to handle ongoing commercial use and simple enough to be used by novice DIYers.   What makes the Gutster Demo Bar unique? Or wrecker bar is created to make demolition...

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